Fun Geocaching Stuff Around the Web

I had 10 minutes so I took it.  Google can be fun!

  • Just what do you think this guy is after?
  • And it must have been a slow news day when they quote the “ardent” Geocacher of 70 finds in a year.  Must be all terrain-5 caches.  I do like the boy scout reference, tho.  Sorta.
  • Now I’m finding Geocaching blogs everywhere.  I need to read up on my outdoor wear more.  Check it. I dig a caching adventure in the rain.
  • And if you’re in the Boise Idaho area on a caching run, reach out to Tiggerz Travels.  Tiggerz’s first find was a dougandsuzy special (peanut butter jar).  Surely we can help find something a little more interesting for the next hunt!

That’s all you get for 10 minutes of research.  Back to work.  😉

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2 Responses to Fun Geocaching Stuff Around the Web

  1. lotrat says:

    “largely for good kids, moms and retirees”? Hmmm, I don’t know if I buy all that. I don’t see many “good kids” out caching. After the 5 you may have in your neighborhood, you need a car to find more. Moms? No too many that I have run into. Retirees? Sure, lots of those lucky bastards out there. The rest are geeks like us. Bored of the same old same old. Not real motivated to get out and do anything, but if a gadget is involved I’m game.

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