Don’t Do This: Crappy Cache Containers

I’m collecting for a gallery and write-up of the worst cache containers ever come across, in line with my “Don’t Do This” Geocache series.  If you want to make sure that Dixie Cup is included, drop me a line or a note in the comments here.  Pics are always good (um, pics are actually awesome); and I’ll link to your profile as an added bonus unless you wish to remain anonymous.  I’m just trying to have a little fun, so no posting Waypoints or hider names, just the container description/picture.

I’m also looking to catalogue a list of good caches for the beginning Geocacher, particularly in and around San Diego County.  I know about a few, but I like to add more background when I publish these things.  Depending on the response a North American collection might be worth a shot.  A positive cache or two from various metro areas is always helpful for the newbies.

We need to show them what the good ones look like before they start finding all of my LPCs.  😉

Happy Caching!

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2 Responses to Don’t Do This: Crappy Cache Containers

  1. Sir Thomas Crapper says:

    Not so much the container as in where it was placed. At an old, burnt down home in the middle of nowhere, we found it at the bottom of an old septic tank, in the first chamber. Really bad idea.

  2. kinzuakid says:

    You don’t get the title of “Sir” unless you can stay focused on the topic. 😉

    I seem to recall you telling me about that one. Wasn’t that near the “Box ‘o’ Sharps” cache?

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